There are 10 classes in Gang Garrison. They are the Runner, Firebug, Rocketman, Overweight, Detonator, Healer, Constructor, Infiltrator, Rifleman, and Quote/Curly. Every character has a health bar, a weapon, and can move and jump.

Differences between classesEdit

Each class has a different running speed, health, and weapon. Most also have a unique ability.

  • The Runner is faster than any other class and excels at recovering objectives. He can double jump in mid-air.
  • The Firebug can light his opponents on fire and deal lasting burning damage. He can also push enemies and projectiles away with a burst of air.
  • The Rocketman can launch rockets with high splash damage and use them to blast himself into the air.
  • The Overweight has the highest health and DPS of any class, but has the slowest movement speed.
  • The Detonator can place mines on any surface and detonate them at any time. He can also perform a more dangerous version of the rocket jump using his sticky bombs.
  • The Healer can heal allies and slowly regains his own health over time.
  • The Constructor can create an independent autogun with simple AI.
  • The Infiltrator can turn himself invisible and has an instant kill attack.
  • The Rifleman has extremely long range and does high damage.
  • Quote and Curly Brace have a short range, but a large health pool and extreme damage (with knockback!).

Class StatisticsEdit

Class Health Speed Ammunition Damage per shot Shots per Second DPS
Runner 100 1.4 6 Shots 48 (6 bullets x 8 damage) 1.25 57.6
Firebug 120 1.1 200 Shots 3* 30 90*
Rocketman 160 0.9 4 Rockets 55** 1 55**
Overweight 200 0.8 (0.3) 200 Bullets 8 15 120
Detonator 120 1.0 8 Bombs 50** .9 45 (max 400)
Healer 120 1.09 40 Needles 4 10 40
Constructor 120 1.0 8 Shots 32 (4 bullets x 8 damage) 1.333 48
Autogun*** 100 0.0 Unlimited 8 6 48
Infiltrator 100 1.07 6 Bullets 25 1.666 41.666...
Rifleman 120 0.9 1 Bullet 35-75 .5 30
Quote&Curly 140 1.07 Unlimited 7-17 (Blade)**** 1-6 17-102

Note: DPS stat assumes you hit with every bullet.

*- Firebug does additional damage over time to every class but the Firebug and Sentry.

**- Only occurs from a direct hit. Splash damage will do 30 or under damage.

***- The autogun is not a class. It is just there for comparison among classes.

****- Damage decreases over consecutive throws

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