Airblast small

A pic of the Airblast in action.

The Compression Blast, also known as the Airblast, is the secondary function of the Firebug's Flamethrower. By right-clicking, the Firebug shoots out a burst of compressed air. This can shove enemies around (even through walls) and deflect projectiles such as Rockets and Mines.

Note that airblasting mines while they are in the air usually does very little, compared to the complete reversal of rockets. Airblasting mines is most effective when mines are stuck to crates (simply airblast from the other side) or when standing directly above or below the trap.


Range of the Compression Blast


  • The airblast sprite is notably higher-resolution and more detailed than the player and weapon sprites themselves.
  • The airblast cannot push infiltrators in the middle of their stab.
  • The airblast can put out fires on teammates.