The Rocketman, as graceful as he is powerful, an excellent medibuddy, and good for attack and defense.

Rocketman pic

The Rocketman

He is quite possibly the most flexible class in the game. A good comparison to him would be the Soldier in Team Fortress 2. The skill roof is ridiculously curved, unlike more skill based classes such as the Runner, Infiltrator, and the Rifleman.

There is more to him though, than most think. Like the Soldier in Team Fortress 2, a good Rocketman can reign chaos upon the other team's defenses. A good rocketman can also be an extremely useful asset to your team.

The RocketmanEdit

The Rocketman wields the The Rocket Launcher. Take sometime to get used to the Rocket Launcher, for it may come in handy in many situations. A Rocketman can fire 1 rocket about every second. This used to be a main problem for people trying to get past rocket-spammers, until 2.1.3 which introduced a 4-count ammo counter which reloads every 1? second. Each rocket that collides with the ground has a blast radius of 70 pixels. A direct hit lands a square 50 damage on an opponent, plus splash damage which can bring the damage max about 65. This makes most classes die in two or three hits from a direct rocket hit, with the exception of Overweight and Rocketman, unless being healed or in a Superburst. The rockets move faster than a Runner, this can make you a terrifying player in narrow hallways. The Rocketman's jump deals him 30 damage for a maximum power (minimum distance from the center of the blast) jump. The Rocketman's jump is equal in strength to a Detonator's jump, but takes less life to execute, this means if you need to get away from a crisis situation; you can while taking less damage in the process.

If Under Attack Edit

Remember: Each class, when played correctly, can be a hazard to a Rocketman. Never get too close to your opponent. Never stray too far away. You are a medium range class. Becoming too close renders you susceptible to splash damage and makes the enemy's attacks more accurate. Becoming too far makes your rockets easier to avoid. If you have a healer with you, keep him alive at all costs.

Aim and timing are crucial to being a Rocketman. You must know what your enemy will do next. Aim at their head if you expect them to jump, their feet if you wanna launch 'em in the air. Another strike in the air can dispatch 2 of the 10 classes, if their health was full when you began. To shoot people out of the air, you must predict the velocity of the rocket and their velocity, and know the exact moment to fire. This can be very rewarding if it turns into a kill, as it will rain blood.

Rocketman vs OthersEdit


A good Runner is your worst nightmare. Not only are they hard to hit, but they get very close to you, sometimes causing an unintentional suicide. try to catch them as they are coming toward you. If they suck, they'll run straight at you and get smacked one by a couple rockets. If not, they will be a little more spastic. If you get a direct hit there, you have already won. If not, there is still hope. Rocketjump and shoot rockets straight at the ground. Most people do not expect this kind of behaviour, and will sit bewildered for a moment. If you catch them in the air, it begins to rain gibs.


Yet again, a good Firebug is your worst nightmare. Thankfully, those are in rather short supply as of the current moment. They are very dangerous if they get too close. Back away and fire rockets at them, anticipating their next move. A good Firebug will realize that you are doing this, and reflect a few back at you. In the heat of the moment, these are very hard to avoid. However, what you can do is rocketjump into the air for a few seconds, without being in the blaze of his fire. You will lose health, thats for sure, but less than being in the Firebugs 's flame. you can also get close to them, to the point where they have almost no time to react.


When fighting another Rocketman, jump and shoot at an angle so that if they jump, your rocket will intersect with their new position. Wash, rinse, repeat. Rocketmen take 4 direct hits to kill, so it may take a while. Probably the most tedious person to kill.


Easy prey in the right conditions. If you are backed into a corner with a Overweight blazing his minigun at you, you aren't likely to survive. If there is no Healer healing him, and you have a Healer, run in and fill him full of rockets. You can withstand the damage because of your high health pool. If he has a healer, and you don't, or you don't have a healer and neither does he, fire rockets at him while walking backwards, keeping out of his range. Shoot as many rockets at him as possible. If he has a healer, it will take either 5 or 6 hits to kill him at full health. If he does not, it will take 4 hits. If he stops to eat a Manvich, hit him until he dies. You are gonna have to have a lot of room.


Extremely hard to kill if they know what they are doing. They have a higher rate of fire, their projectiles can destroy yours, but more importantly, their projectiles' path curves. Obtain the assistance of a Quote/Curly for this one, if you feel uncomfortable, as you little hope alone if they know how to effectively dispatch a Rocketman.


Surprisingly, hard to kill due to their speed and tendency to heal over time. Use the same strategy as firebug, except chase them if they run away. At the current moment, they are slightly slower than a firebug.


Quite annoying if they know what to do. If they drop a sentry, blow it up immediately. You have the exact same projectile path as a sentry, the only difference being the splash damage of your rockets. These guys take 3 hits to kill, so watch out, as they can inflict a bit more damage than a scout if they come from the right angle.


Just keep moving and he won't get you. If you suspect an Infiltrator, launch a couple rockets forward just to be safe. You can't run the risk of being facestabbed. It takes 2 hits to kill these guys, and you have longer range and more power than their revolver. The only real advantages they have over you are speed and cloak. The speed, however, isn't significant enough to worry about.


Another one of your worst enemies. They can kill you with 3 shots. Keep a Healer with you at all times if you suspect one. This one you can get close too. You generally don't encounter them in close range combat as you do with pretty much every other class, so they will be the last person you kill in a group. These guys are the anti-rocketmen classes. Dislodge him off his ledge if you see one.


They are very deadly towards rocketmen. Due to their speed, they can advance on you very quickly. Their swords are an quick kill on Rocketmen. If they are able to fire swords at their maximum potential on you, you will die.

On the other hand, though, if you are very far away, you have many chances to hit them with a rocket or two. Their bubbles cannot reflect rockets.

However, if they do get close to you, rocketjump and hope that you can jump onto a ledge.


1..2..3...Boom! - A Rocketman Guide by tr4656

From Rocketspam to Rocketman by S-Z

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